Server healthchecks

Each of our Premium subscribers receives a weekly health check of their servers with the aim of finding and fixing potential problems before they affect the day-to-day operation of your network.

We will also run automated disk cleanup and disk defragmentation jobs out of hours to maintain smooth operation of your servers.

As a premium subscriber, each week a dedicated member of our helpdesk will call your school and confirm that it’s okay to remotely access your servers before checking the following:

  • Server event logs
  • Redstor Attix 5 remote backup
  • Sophos Enterprise Console (if installed) or Sophos Central account.
  • Dell Server Management software or equivalent (if installed)
  • That automated disk clean-up and disk defragmentation have completed successfully
  • Any other obvious problems or performance issues

Any detected issues will either be resolved immediately, or escalated to our team of engineers for further investigation and resolution.